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Tuesday 2 October, 2007
Whitsunday Islands

We’re writing this while at anchor in Macona Inlet. The weather today, and for the last few days, has been blowing a bit, overcast with the threat of showers – so it’s a good opportunity to chill out in this tranquil hide-away.

The Whitsundays are just delightful, hopefully our pics will convey some of the beauty – there are over 100 islands, many with fringing coral reefs and most are unspoilt national parks. The islands are dramatic, with Hoop Pine tree-covered steep sides, which plunge into the most amazing turquoise colour ocean. Some of them remind me of the Scandinavian fjords. Snorkeling over the coral reefs is great – it’s like being in a tropical fish tank, and picture postcard bays with sandy beaches.

It’s very easy to spend a lot of time here, the weather has been idyllic so we’ve been cruising around the islands at a very leisurely pace, calling in to Airlie Beach every couple of weeks to replenish with water, groceries and essentials. Airlie is a ‘happening’ place, being a major backpacker destination and a major centre for the bareboat charter industry, we’ve enjoyed our visits there and now have a temporary membership at the yacht club, but a couple of days is enough for us – we then find we need to escape the frantic activity and find more tranquil places to anchor.

There’s quite a few cruising yachts doing much the same as us, and we keep meeting up with boats we’d met before on the trip North, so it’s quite a busy social scene ! There are about ten boats here today and an open invite for all to meet on the beach at 4pm for ‘sundowners’ – all very civilized ! (Well it starts out civilized !)

Hope you enjoy the pics – cheers for now !

Stay well - B & G