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8th August 2007
Garry’s Anchorage, Great Sandy Straits (inside of Fraser Island)

This will be our 3rd night at anchor in this delightful spot.

We came up from Moreton Bay in one overnight leg – although we left Redcliffe on Sunday morning, the winds just died on us and we decided to overnight off the northern end of Moreton Island. Just as we were trying to get some sleep, the wind and swell came up, and we decided to go at around 9pm. The wind was gusting from SW at around 15-20 knots for most of the night, creating a unexpectedly ‘lumpy’ sea. Destiny romped along at about 6 knots under headsail only (too dark and dangerous to try and get the main up and reefed), so we were past Noosa by dawn, and the plan was to enter the Great Sandy Straits thru the notorious Wide Bay Bar just before high tide lunchtime on Monday.

Just as we were approaching Double Island Point (about 10 nm to go) the wind died again, and the sea settled to a glassy state. We fired up the motor for the last few miles, dolphins came to welcome us into Wide Bay, and the bar was a total non event. We’ve been up here before, but we’re still blown away by the expanse of water and the beauty of the Sandy Straits.

Why have we been here for 3 nights? Because we can! Brian was pretty stuffed after the overnight sail so slept like the dead for 12 hours, helped by this fantastically sheltered anchorage. At night the boat feels like we’re still in the marina, and the days are so peaceful, just the birds singing in the forest next to us, and the occasional turtle coming up for a noisy breath of air. We’ve spent more time sorting out ‘stuff’, packing everything away so we’re nearly able to move around again. ( Still got piles of gear in the cockpit tho’)

Sundowners are a definite here, we’ve just enjoyed a couple of glasses of Tony and Jean’s generous donation (Tony’s home made Baileys/hooligan juice - good stuff) as dusk gathers and a ‘quiet’ comes over Fraser Island (“How’s the Serenity ?”)

We’ll probably move onto Kingfisher resort tomorrow (need milk and bread)

Stay well - B & G

Garrys Anchorage, Fraser Island